The one and only band in Nepal with 0% haters and 100% likers!!!

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The one and only band in Nepal with 0% haters and 100% likers is none other than Nepathya.
last saturday concert was briliant with well managed sound system and it feels like live
concert in Nepal is upgrading day by day.The concert was organised by Bajaj Motorcycles 
to celebrate the Pulsar Dare Venture Grand Finale.Free passes for the concert 
were available from Bajaj Showrooms in Kathmandu.


Nepathya  is a Nepalese music band that was formed in the early  1990s by three students from
Pokhara while studying in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepathya is best known for blending folk melodies
with modern western-influenced rock music. Nepathya has enjoyed both commercial and critical 
success. Nepathya is well known for contemporary tunes that have strong ties with indigenous
music and songs sung using regional dialects from rural Nepal.Nepathya has seen many changes 
in its band's line up. Till date more than 19 members have joined and left the band.

The front man of  this band is Amrit Gurung who is originally from Pokhara who sings the songs
about peace and harmony. He is the only currently active founding member of the band. He has been
to more than 70 out of the 75 districts of Nepal, for the musical programs and by hobby he is a 

"Being in Nepathya is like being part of a serious journey. Anyone who deviates from team spirit 
and artistic commitment find it hard to stay with the team",says Gurung. They have toured the UK, 
the USA, Australia, Israel, Germany, Finland, India among others with their live performance. They
have performed in the United States in Summer 2012 and they became the first Nepali band/artist to
have performed in Wembley Arena, UK on August 3, 2013.The band is also planning for such shows more
around the world.

The band started as a folk pop band. The genre changed to contemporary rock and folk rock. They were
able to use this fusion music to captivate wider listeners from different age groups and cultures.
The lyrics usually depicted love and nature in their earlier albums. Their later albums began 
focusing on patriotism, peace and current issues plaguing Nepal. The album "Ghatana" released during
the civil war period contains songs that tell the people the need for peace in the country and
highlights the sentiment of the people as well as incites patriotism among the listeners.